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American Bicycles of Atwood, CA

In late 1996 my landlord had asked me if I wanted to start another BMX company (I co founded Hyper Bicycles).  I will eventually go into more details, but that lead to the foundation of American Bicycles.  I planned a Summer Tour for 97, picked up a couple Pros and Amateurs. Meanwhile the frame builder was supposed to be making a prototype for the tour. It didnt get done by the time I left I was bummed and frustrated. Not only that but my investor backed out due to personal circumstances.

Still I toured the USA in 1997 with Pros Brandon Taylor (TX), Mike Gul (IL), Troy Kendrick (MN) and Adam Provo (CA). We also added a couple Texas Am’s Kevin Herring and Casper Green.

Without the prototype getting done and no investor the company was off to a misguided start. Still if your on the gate you have a chance. I turned to an old friend (Ted) who said he had an investor. We pooled our own money and got two protoypes made in the fall of 1997. We debuted them at the ABA Fall Nationalswith Adam Provo racing AA Pro for the first time on one.

The bikes were well recieved and we expected a investment thru my partner and ordered 25 frames. We picked up Yess (Canada) as a co sponsor adding to our long list. They provided forks. We contacted “Snap” Magazine and they tested the bike in the June 1998 issue.

The second investor also never came thru and the remaining funds went to pay for the bikes, leaving no money for advertising, to support the team or come out with new products. With money gone my partner pulled out unexpectedly the weekend of the Reno, NV Nationals and a short time later the company vans transmission went out and the company was put to rest.

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  1. josh
    December 2, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Wow im glad to see some info on these frames. I used to ride with casper and i remember when he got his red frame. We had to do some finishing work on the head tube and bottom bracket to get the cups to go in. He rode that bike for a while and then gave it to me. It was the only aluminum frame i ever had. Sadly one night we were fooling around doing manuals in a parking lot and my front wheel dropped and hit a parking block i was manualin up to and broke the frame. We kept the pieces for a while until they got junked.

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